Kouraba 2014

The inspiration for the 2nd Annual Kouraba African Festival comes from the Mande people of West Africa.  This year the title of our event is, “Koura Manding Soso Bala Kumato: “The Epic of the Jeli & the Numu”.  We pay homage to the instrument known as the Balafon (proto-xylophone) in the relationship between the Jeli (oral historian or praise singer) and the Numu (blacksmith and/or drummer).
The Balafon is believed to represent a bridge between the sacred and the secular realms, connecting the worlds of the Numu and the Jeli.  The role of the Jeli is to be a living archive & conscience of a society, to construct and maintain a balance of power at all times.  The Numu on the other hand is responsible for forging the tools of industry, creating rhythms that animate and keep society thriving; together, they provide equilibrium, peace, vitality and innovation in Mande culture.  The Balafon is also regarded as a symbol of the transfer of power…

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